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The piano, as a musical instrument, has existed on music stages as well as in the discography of the rembétiko and laikó musical styles in Greece for many years. The names of some pianists of this particular repertoire have been connected with this instrument, leaving behind recorded material of great musical value.

The Eastern Piano Project is built upon two fundamental elements of art: practice and theory. The double nature of this project is particularly interesting, with both a scientific and an artistic side – revealing information especially useful to the pianist and the scientist. The piano holds a distinguishable place amongst urban popular musical genres of the Mediterranean and the East. Research, either musical (practical) or musicological (theoretical) or both, can initially attest to the endless capabilities of the instrument.

The discographical work of the The Eastern Piano Project (see is divided into categories. The first discographical subject relates to the period of the rebetiko of Piraeus, and includes pianistic arrangements of the songs of this period, using several performance approaches; it also includes three taksims (improvisations). Although future productions will include recordings using the duet type piano-voice, I chose for this work to consist of solistic pianistic performances exclusively.

Many thanks to Panos Ioannidis for offering his workshop and letting me record with his handmade dream piano. The instruments of Ioannidis are the definition of the art of construction.

(The album is dedicated to Spyros Peristeris)

nikos ordoulidis

1. The minor of the dawn | 02.30
The record label refers to Spyros Peristeris as the name of the composer. However, information, from several sources, testifies to the fact that Apostolos Hatzihristos and Kostas Kaplanis claim the paternity song.

2. Ouzo, hashish and other fairy tales | 02.38
Based on Ouzo, hashish by Minos Matsas

3. Minore taksim | 03.52
Nikos Ordoulidis

4. I want a princess | 02.23
Based on I want a princess by Panagiotis Tountas

5. Czerny’s coat | 04.37
Based on Winter came, by Panagiotis Tountas

6. Heroin and dope (Proussa) | 02.47
Sotiris Gavalas

7. Ousak taksim | 04.22
Nikos Ordoulidis

8. Beyond the meadows | 03.08
Based on the traditional Beyond the meadows

9. The blue windows | 01.45
Markos Vamvakaris

10. Hicaz taksim | 04.30
Nikos Ordoulidis

11. Move from my corner | 03.01
Based on Move from my corner, by Markos Vamvakaris

12. The dance of the piano | 02.46
Nikos Ordoulidis


Piano: Nikos Ordoulidis

Recording - Mixing: George Bakalis | EastSide Recording Studio, Thessaloniki •

Mastering: George Pentzikis | Studio Magnanimous, Thessaloniki •

Artwork: artStudio | Akis Thomaidis

Recorded at “Handmade Piano” workshop on custom made Concert Grand pianos designed and built by Panos Ioannidis.


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