Eastward Piano / Nikos Ordoulidis / Discography

--Below you will find the creations of the Eastward Piano, in the form of video recordings and separated into aesthetical categories. [Graphics / design / thumbnails by Recep Hazır]
--Regarding its artistic status, the project moves on two inter-dependable axes: The creation of a unique pianistic repertoire, and the development of performance practice. The first axis leads to repertoire expansion, both in quantity and style, highlighting a large variety of artistic expression. The second axis initiates a new dynamic, since the suggested performance practice diverges from typical pianistic categorizations (classical, jazz, rock, Latin etc.).
--Meanings and values found in the innermost part of the popular piece are detected; representing commentary of the popular musics, not only leading to the development of new performance practices, but also to new aesthetic proposals. These, in turn, modernize old messages, either conceptualizing new solutions for expression, or reconstructing the old, in any case deconstructing stereotypes of the ‘novel’ and the ‘traditional’, the ‘orthodox’ and the ‘heretic’, the ‘material’ and the ‘art’ of a musical creation. The arguments for polystylism and eclecticism, which are antiquated phenomena, have currently set in motion polymorphous and protracted inclinations, which do not, however, always conform to conscious habits and attitudes.

X-Terra (2021)

Nikos Ordoulidis / Akis Pitsanis / An avant-garde meta-folk album for two instruments: the piano and the human voice / 2021

Rebetiko Era (2015)

Nikos Ordoulidis solo piano album, re-composition of historical tunes / 2015


The piece and its many natures, its many readings, its many identities, its many forms. The piece revels with time, putting no full stop to its text, no end to ...


Having the applied research concerning historical discography as an axis, through the repertoire, the style and the emerging techniques, structured material is produced for study: Applying modality to the piano; ...



Through the examination of the popular an effort is made to detect the meanings which the term ‘popular’ acquires in contrast to the term ‘laiko’ and the term ‘mass’. Pop ...

Modern past

Mastellos is our parallel life. His actions could also be ours. He grants us knowledge, not the ‘before you do it’ advisor type, but the experience that comes from the ...


Kyriakos is the popular hero of the music stage. The one we all want to be like. He has no knowledge of the repertoire–he is the repertoire. What one would ...


Autonomous exercises, with the piece in mind / Autonomous pieces, with the exercise in mind.


The project with the two pianos, with Haroula Tsalpara, seeks the orchestration of the two instruments, processing historical material from the rebetiko discography, mainly from the category usually called ‘Smyrnean’. ...


The combination piano lavta looks at the present, renegotiating old material from scholarly Ottoman repertoire. It seeks to find functionalities of the pieces in the present, presenting again an old ...


The ‘toys’ signify early thoughts on the processing of old repertoires. Efforts made because of the repetitiveness of the ‘politically correct’ way of performance, stirring up the material and searching ...


Improvisations and taksims of The Eastern Piano Project based on diverse modal entities


Self censoring the eastern piano project.