The Kids are Playing | Prigipessa

Wednesday 15 January 2014

for popular piano and voice

With a programme which they themselves first like, Maria Petkou (vocals) and Nikos Ordoulidis (popular piano) are appearing at the Music Stage Prigipessa in Thessaloniki, Wednesday 15 January 2014. The Kids are Playing Tsitsanis, Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Kougioumtzis, Loizos, Vamvakaris. But The Kids are also Playing  the aeriko – the fairy, exartate – it depends, Vasiliki - Vasiliki, me ta matia klista – with closed eyes. The only constant in the programme being the mood of the day, Maria sings the popular in a jazzy style and rock in a rebetiko style, while Nikos reintroduces the piano with a fresh technique and aesthetic.

Guest appearances
Alekos Kiziridis, Ifigenia Ioannou, Fotis Theodoridis, Thanasis Miliokas, Despina Pagioula, Stathis Pahidis
| The Kids are Playing |
Wednesday 15 January 2014
Start time: 23.00
Music Stage Prigipessa
Tel: 2310 273542