Saturday 3 February 2018

Ordoulidis, N. (2018) The piano in popular orchestras of the previous century. An overview of the material. 1st Interdisciplinary Symposium of Tradition and Culture. Corfu. Corfu Cultural Centre (3 February).

In recent years, research has highlighted the unknown but salient and dynamic role of the piano in Greek-speaking popular orchestras. We see the instrument not only on the music stage but also in historical discography. Pianists of this period played a crucial role in the formation of the popular aesthetic, bequeathing recording material of significant value. The regions regarding the material in question are all connected to a network of the Greek-speaking ecumene where Greek musicians were active (Smyrna, Constantinople, Athens, New York et al.). This paper shall present some of the most interesting cases, utilizing examples from discography but also historical photographic material and references to the biographies of the protagonists.

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